Plasmid DNA Kits

Plasmid Miniprep kit
Isolate 10-20 ug plasmid DNA from 1-3 ml culture
Isolate 20-50 ug plasmid DNA from 5-12 ml culture
Isolate 100-250 ug plasmid DNA from 50 ml culture in 70 minutes
Isolate 250-600 ug plasmid DNA from 100 ml culture in 70 minutes
Isolate 0.8-1.5 mg plasmid DNA from 200 ml culture in 70 minutes
Plasmid Megaprep kit Isolate 3-10 mg plasmid DNA from 500-2000 ml culture in 70 minutes
Gel Extraction kit Isolate DNA fragments from gels
PCR Cleaning kit Isolate DNA fragments from PCR, enzyme reactions
For fast, cost-efficient high thoughput plasmid DNA isolation
For fast isolation of Yeast plasmid DNA
A fast and reliable method for purification of BAC/PAC, P1 or cosmid DNA


Superior Quality: Our patented Plasmid Purification Kit uses special buffer system, and the resulting purified DNA is free of guanidine salt, cesium chloride, ethidium bromide and ion exchange resin residues, which enable the highest performance of downstream applications including gene therapy and genetic vaccination.
Ultra High Yield: When comparing our Plasmid Purification System (PPS) to other purification methods, our methodology produces higher DNA yield while requiring fewer bacterial cultures.
Environmental benefit: Our kits do not utilize Guanidine salt, a hazardous protein denaturant, in the silica based purification system, which will ensure the safety and health of scientists and the environment!
Time saving: Using our unique Megaprep kits, 10 mg of the plasmid can be purified from 1,000 mL culture within 1 hour.
Special prices available for bulk orders! We offer 10-25% discount for bulk orders.
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