Quick genotyping DNA preparation protocol (Mouse)

(Please wear gloves)

  1. Young mouse toes, ear punches, 0.2-cm tail snips or 25-mg pieces of tissue are collected into microtubes, thermal cycler strip tubes or a 96-well thermal cycler plate. Note: The mouse tail sample must be small. If longer tails are used, adjust buffers accordingly. Too large a sample may cause the method to fail.

  2. Add 75 µl lysis buffer to each sample. Heat to 95°C for 10 – 30 min, then cool to 4°C. Use thermo-cycler or heat-block. The undissolved tissue does not interfere with PCR reaction.

  3. Add 75 µl DNA stabilizing buffer to each sample and mix. 0.5-2 µl of the final preparation are directly used per each 25 µl  PCR reaction.


  4. DNA samples should be stored at 4oC (3 month) or -20oC (> 3 month). Also be noticed that the DNA prepared here is not suitable for Southern blot analysis.


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