Safe DNA Gel Stain (20,000x, 1.0 ml)

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Safe DNA Gel Stain is a new and safe class fluorescent dye, used for agarose gel or polyacylamide gel staining to visualize DNA or RNA. Safe DNA Gel Stain is a safe replacement of Ethium Bromide, a potent mutagen.  Safe DNA Gel Stain showed negative results in Ames test, indicating that it's not carcinogenic. 

Safe DNA Gel Stain is used the same way as Ethium Bromide. It emits green fluorescence when bound to DNA and red fluorescence when bound to RNA when exposed to UV light. More importantly, it emits green fluorescence when exposed to safe LED light. It has two excitation maxima: 290nm and 490nm. 


  1. Prepare a 100 ml agarose or polyacrylamide solution.
  2. Add 5 μl Safe DNA Gel Stain to the gel solution.
  3. Mix gently; the solution should have no air bubbles.
  4. For agarose gel, let the solution cool down to 60 - 70oC and cast the gel. For polyacrylamide gel, add APS and TEMED and cast the gel according to regular polyacrylamide gel casting protocol.
  5. Run gel electrophoresis with 5 μl Safe DNA Gel Stain per 100 ml buffer (optional).
  6. View the results under UV or blue LED light.

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